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a whole plethora of cats tried to pause my trajectory
in fact i applaud their efforts but i'm back on track
like the iron horse and i'm never lookin back
i am nord the best to ever rap
i am soarin towards the rack and crackin the backboard
while i'm sportin jordan 4 black cats
unorthodox no black hat
just the iced out yarmulke
i am an outlander and a commoner
a sedentary wanderer descended from the denizens of shtetls
in the pale of settlement who later dwelled in tenements
my mamele tried to raise me to be a gentleman but

i'm not a gentleman at all no
i am ashkenazi man original
i'm not a gentleman at all at all

all my exes live on the east coast
i don't have .exe's i got .dmg's tho
i'm goin in ray allen with the free throw
nine times out of ten write rhymes without a pen
i don't need those young magneto
you couldn't see me with cerebro, my helmet on
i need that cheese tho that parmesan
without it i can't eat
like a muslim on ramadan but i'm a yid tho
so i'm supposed to get dough right?
that stereotype make me very uptight
that's that shit i don't like call me chief juif
i think i'm bugsy siegel meyer lansky
peace to the killer k family
big spoony the kid groovy
and i'm broader than broad street

everybody dance now pull your pants down
get half naked bish i'm ash ketchum
kickin raps catchin rec rectum son it nearly killed him
dual wieldin two hand weapons
dave nord with twin great swords
took a arrow to the knee but still go on adventures
born in 88 and still ain't no half steppin
still flowin like spermatozoa through vas deferens
and there's a vast difference between who i am and who you am
so just do you fam i couldn't be mad atcha
so why are are you mad at me for being genuine
word to fela kuti spoony is no gentleman

i'm not a gentleman at all no
i am ashkenazi man original
i'm not a gentleman at all at all


from dweeb, released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


spoony bard New York, New York

14 karat gold slum computer wizard

spoonybard14 [at] gmail [dot] com

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