by spoony bard

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Like the video game garbled insult of its namesake, spoony bard is the result of a cultural collision as well as an honest and self-deprecating exploration of life. The hybrid of L.A. beat scene, electronic, jazz and avant-garde takes a fresh approach to musical soul-bearing with compelling sonic textures and introspective lyrics. spoony bard combines hints of Flying Lotus, Dalek, DJ Premier, Herbie Hancock, Aphex Twin and more.

spoony bard is the alter-ego of musician David Nord. Originally a jazz composer/guitarist, Nord’s equal interest in hip-hop and electronic sounds brought about an evolution in his work, leading him to merge these styles and explore the possibilities of an alternate musical vocabulary.

“Just playing jazz wasn't cutting it anymore,” Nord says. “I started hearing the L.A. beat scene type stuff that was coming out and got inspired to really dive deeper into synthesizers, sampling, music software, etc., while also continuing to hone the harmonic and melodic approach that I had developed as a jazz musician.”

Dweeb is the 8-song full length debut of spoony bard. The album is filled with delightful instrumental passages like the glitchy organs, tiny piano plinking and diced rhythms of the title track, as well as contemplative sung/rapped passages like, “I’m living with so many misgivings, they weigh me down but I don’t care / She once told me that I scare them away, I said well they scare me, but at least I’m not afraid of myself like I used to be.” Elsewhere, mellow trip-hop leaning tones and beats turn on a dime into cathartic raps. Throughout, Dweeb is a thoroughly unique and revealing album from an artist unhindered by genres and rules.


released May 12, 2017

Composed, performed, and mixed by David Epstein Nord
Mastered by Joe Lambert joelambertmastering.com
Cover art by David Epstein Nord


all rights reserved



spoony bard New York, New York

14 karat gold slum computer wizard

spoonybard14 [at] gmail [dot] com

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Track Name: misgiving
i'm living with so many misgivings
they weigh me down but i don't care
and she's living with so many misgivings
but she don't ever let it weigh her down cuz she's so rare

she once told me that i scare them away
i said well they scare me
but at least i'm not afraid of myself
like i used to be
Track Name: dweeb/dryout
dry out
dry the fuck out
Track Name: vibe/void
i used to always be on some (can i feel the vibe)
then it was can i get a job
well i fucked around and got a job
but the the grass on the other side turned out to be astroturf
now i'm on this fuckin nine to five thing
tryin to stay stuck in my ways
so come casual friday i'ma be rockin my J's
but for now i'm on the A on my way to work
lookin like a jerk in my fuckin khakis
sippin starbucks ah fuck what have i become
just another lackey who finally succumbed to the hum drum
after more than a quarter century
of avoiding anything resembling conformity
i keep tellin myself i'm still an artist at heart
but it's getting harder and harder for me to honestly believe that
though i once knew it for a fact
my sense of self is gettin farther and farther from intact
so i swear solemnly that i'ma get back
on my (can i feel the vibe)

i used to always be on some (can i feel the vibe)
or maybe it was more like can i fill the void

i was 19 screamin motherfucker i'm nord
so listen to the play by play day by day
rollin in the mazda with 16 dents in it
as i made my way to the wawa
to get me some cancer sticks
probably shaved like eight years off my life
from all the packs of cigs and booze binges
and other bad decisions i won't mention
vain attempts to feel a vibe and fill a void
but at least i had a mission
at least i knew something had to give
at least i hadn't yet let complacency set in
now i wanna recapture this spirit
minus the mistakes and angst i did battle with
and just rise above it all
so can i feel the vibe and never toe the line
only time will tell but i'ma
(go for mine and maybe never come back)
Track Name: mantra/micawber
let it wash over you

you remember every single time
you were wrong or that someone wronged you
but one day i know you'll figure out
how to let it all just wash over you
Track Name: solitary isle/words are wind
the isle
my isle

words are wind
Track Name: much better
of hair black and of skin olive
we met back when was in college
back then i was a mess and if your goal was to clean me up
nowadays you may not say mission accomplished
but you gotta admit you made a lot of progress
not that you ever had such an agenda i'm just sayin
you made me much better such that i cant believe my luck
every time i gaze into your irises
but mind you i am just one of your many admirers
all your friends idolize you
cuz they know like i do that you have every right to
be bitter after some of the shit you survived through
but you're not you're a rock
and if they could they would be just like you
and if i could i would find the words to describe you
but for not this'll have to do
girl i'm always all the way

down for you and i'll stay there always
all the way around for you and i'll stay there always

and when it seems like my dreams are too hard to attain
and i'm farther away from success than far rockaway from the bx
you let me rest my head on your chest
and the problems i face seem small
all the stress dissolves yeah it all goes away
till i'm no longer depressed you're the best i ever had
so i'm never mad when i see other dimepieces i'll never have
well maybe a little but whatever man
i'm in this forever and day from now till the epitaph
it's just me and my much much better half
and i'm always all the way

down for you and i'll stay there always
all the way around for you and i'll stay there always
Track Name: commoner
a whole plethora of cats tried to pause my trajectory
in fact i applaud their efforts but i'm back on track
like the iron horse and i'm never lookin back
i am nord the best to ever rap
i am soarin towards the rack and crackin the backboard
while i'm sportin jordan 4 black cats
unorthodox no black hat
just the iced out yarmulke
i am an outlander and a commoner
a sedentary wanderer descended from the denizens of shtetls
in the pale of settlement who later dwelled in tenements
my mamele tried to raise me to be a gentleman but

i'm not a gentleman at all no
i am ashkenazi man original
i'm not a gentleman at all at all

all my exes live on the east coast
i don't have .exe's i got .dmg's tho
i'm goin in ray allen with the free throw
nine times out of ten write rhymes without a pen
i don't need those young magneto
you couldn't see me with cerebro, my helmet on
i need that cheese tho that parmesan
without it i can't eat
like a muslim on ramadan but i'm a yid tho
so i'm supposed to get dough right?
that stereotype make me very uptight
that's that shit i don't like call me chief juif
i think i'm bugsy siegel meyer lansky
peace to the killer k family
big spoony the kid groovy
and i'm broader than broad street

everybody dance now pull your pants down
get half naked bish i'm ash ketchum
kickin raps catchin rec rectum son it nearly killed him
dual wieldin two hand weapons
dave nord with twin great swords
took a arrow to the knee but still go on adventures
born in 88 and still ain't no half steppin
still flowin like spermatozoa through vas deferens
and there's a vast difference between who i am and who you am
so just do you fam i couldn't be mad atcha
so why are are you mad at me for being genuine
word to fela kuti spoony is no gentleman

i'm not a gentleman at all no
i am ashkenazi man original
i'm not a gentleman at all at all

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