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i used to always be on some (can i feel the vibe)
then it was can i get a job
well i fucked around and got a job
but the the grass on the other side turned out to be astroturf
now i'm on this fuckin nine to five thing
tryin to stay stuck in my ways
so come casual friday i'ma be rockin my J's
but for now i'm on the A on my way to work
lookin like a jerk in my fuckin khakis
sippin starbucks ah fuck what have i become
just another lackey who finally succumbed to the hum drum
after more than a quarter century
of avoiding anything resembling conformity
i keep tellin myself i'm still an artist at heart
but it's getting harder and harder for me to honestly believe that
though i once knew it for a fact
my sense of self is gettin farther and farther from intact
so i swear solemnly that i'ma get back
on my (can i feel the vibe)

i used to always be on some (can i feel the vibe)
or maybe it was more like can i fill the void

i was 19 screamin motherfucker i'm nord
so listen to the play by play day by day
rollin in the mazda with 16 dents in it
as i made my way to the wawa
to get me some cancer sticks
probably shaved like eight years off my life
from all the packs of cigs and booze binges
and other bad decisions i won't mention
vain attempts to feel a vibe and fill a void
but at least i had a mission
at least i knew something had to give
at least i hadn't yet let complacency set in
now i wanna recapture this spirit
minus the mistakes and angst i did battle with
and just rise above it all
so can i feel the vibe and never toe the line
only time will tell but i'ma
(go for mine and maybe never come back)


from dweeb, released May 12, 2017



all rights reserved


spoony bard New York, New York

14 karat gold slum computer wizard

spoonybard14 [at] gmail [dot] com

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